BURGREENS ORGANIC EATERY by Kenzie Florencia Hartono


At Organik Klub, Tebet

It was my first visit to Burgreens. I have got their home-made dishes and snacks delivered for a few times, and I even had joined their “Alkalizing and Balancing” 5-day catering program, but I have never enjoyed their dishes directly at their restaurant before. Burgreens actually has two branches: Burgreens Bintaro (South Tangerang) and Burgreens Tebet (Central Jakarta). Here at Tebet, the restaurant is located above—at the second floor— of Organik Klub, an organic produce store, which is at the first floor of the building. Organik Klub sells everything organic, starting from vegetables, nut milks, home-made vegan cheese, snacks, other cooking/baking ingredients, etc. It also supplies organic produce for Burgreens.

When I first arrived, the first thing I noticed was Read the rest of this entry

Sate Padang H. Ajo Manih by Joshua Gunawan


Starting out as a small restaurant in the province of Padang, Sate Padang H. Ajo Manih had already proven to be a competitor in the culinary industry. Its business skyrocketed and by the year 2005 the restaurant made its debut in the city of Jakarta.

Sate Padang H. Ajo Manih now has 3 branches in Jakarta, its most prominent, being its first restaurant in Rawamangun, with the other 2 also standing tall, in Pulo gadung and Cempaka Putih, the branch I recently paid a visit to.

Its venue is very convenient, located on the street of Cempaka Putih Timur Raya, laid directly in front of KFC and beside it, lined an array of vividly lighted cafes and restaurants.

On reaching the restaurant, I was generously welcomed by Read the rest of this entry

SOCIEATY by Farah Darlene




Socieaty is an upscale restaurant located in the heart of Jakarta, Indonesia. It is a part of the Les Amis group based in Singapore which is affiliated to a number of concepts (restaurants) back in the Merlion country.  Being a part of the group has allowed Socieaty’smenu to incorporate dishes from the group’s existing concepts of European cuisine. Therefore, diners of Socieaty can select from popular dishes from sister concepts La Strada (Italian trattoria), Bistro Du Vin (French bistro), La Taperia (Spanish) and artisanal tarts from Tarte by Cheryl Koh, pastry chef of the flagship Les Amis restaurant.



Asides from being located in the capital city of Jakarta, this eatery is based on the prestigious Plaza Indonesia. It is placed on the 1st floor across AMKC Atelier, another restaurant but of another specialty, namely deserts.

As the shopping center that this establishment is a part of is located in the heart of the city, transportation from all around Jakarta would be relatively easy. Speaking from personal experience Read the rest of this entry

WARUNG MEVVAH by Michelle Tedja

Ecopark by Tah Andrew Ryan


Hello Travelers, in this section of my Jakarta Hot Tour Spots, I am going to introduce Ecopark, a place filled only by lush greeneries.

Located inside of Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, you can immerse yourself on what nature have to offer and let go of everyday stresses. But of course, only that won’t do for a reason to visit the place. So, here is a quick preview of what they offer. Entrance fee and opening hours I can leave this section blank, because, the entrance fee is 0, which if course means it is completely free! It is opened for visitors at an early 5 am and it closes at 6 pm. You may think your local park is also free; it is even open 24/7, so why bother? Don’t leave yet as the place still have many things to offer.

Diverse Faunas

Of course it has a lot of tree species, given that it is a park, but nature is not complete without the accompanying animals. They recently opened Read the rest of this entry

Lost in the National Museum by Nicolaus Christian Gozali


The National Museum was officially opened in 1868 and is widely known as Gedung Gajah due to an iconic bronze elephant statue in the front yard, a gift from a Siamese King in 1871. Today, the museum has a vast collection of roughly 140 000 unique items. This place is said to be the best of its kind and is a must-visit for tourists as well as locals.

The museum is located at Jl. Merdeka Barat in central Jakarta, just west of Monas. Visitors can enjoy the Museum’s collection every day from 08.00 to 16.00 on weekdays or until 17.00 on weekends except for Mondays and public holidays. Access to the museum is very easy as it is located in the heart of the city. For public transit, you could take the TransJakarta 1st corridor bus or the Jakarta City Tour bus which provides free transport for the society every day. Entrance tickets are reasonable as well, at Rp 5000 for adults, as for tourists you only need to pay an extra Rp 5000 to explore the whole museum.

The museum’s massive collection begins around an open courtyard packed with an array of stone sculptures and inscriptions with various shapes and sizes arranged throughout the archaeology garden, giving this museum the largest collection of Hindu and Buddhist artefacts in Indonesia. From the opposite side of the garden, Read the rest of this entry

the use of alliteration, oxymoron, contrast, hyperbole and rhetorical question in a short paragraph

The endless horizon stretched from one end to another serving majestically as a natural canvas where splatters of orange and musk would, without failure, paint themselves behind thin layers of the calmly-composed clouds. Right under the vast sky is the forest which might look deep, dense and dark which to me is where I spend every morning, indulging in the warmness of rays of sunlight passing through tiny but many hollow spaces left by giant towering tress. Since when has my agitated soul adapted to this soothing atmosphere? As I stepped out of my tent, my feet landed on the raw piece of land covered with dry leaves and branches which cracked softly breaking the silence of daybreak. – Anastasia Lara Kandita –

Squawked the albatroz scything the lower belly of the sailfish, jumping out of the sea surface. The birds come in flocks like armed soldiers probing around a widely-fenced battlefield where they rummage tentatively and still get their hostages, the scathed sailfishes. While not far from there is me in chill, promenading this beach in the morning, ruminating whether the remoteness of this island will eventually kill me, at least I know that I’m its hostage. I said to myself “How could there be war go hand-in-hand with solace?” We’re both hostages to uncertainty. – Ahmad Rasyid Alfarabi –

The sky was a black hole, dead as door nail. There was a glimmer of grey light somewhere spreading a mile wide. It was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity. The hours dragged by and the portrait of the bittersweet tragedy still haunts me. There is no hope, is there? I questioned myself as i run slowly across the endless river of tress. – Patricia Felita Chang –

Describing a person

My friend appeared from the corner with her all-too-familiar-tanned colored body. She was leaning opposed to the traffic light pole while tapping away on her phone. She’s wearing a denim high-waist short with a white halter-neck crop-top which has a black outline with a writing that says “TGIF”. She then hid it up with a cream-colored cardigan that made her skin top out. She had on her oh-so-familiar-black-and-white Adidas. I cried out her name and she glanced up from her phone and waved at me. She dashed approaching my car and got in. The scent of her perfume flooded the air. We did our everyday handshake and took off to the mall. – Visca –

I smiled as I recalled that drizzly day with her. The tribulation of that drizzling crystals hitting the pavement we promenaded and the unique petrichor we love to smell. But most memorably is when she spinned dauntingly showing her golden cascading hair. Her squint eyes seemed to offer no opening as you show your crescent smile. She’s beautiful. I recite that every night and day. Her pointed nose and pouty lips are fire to my loins. Her curvy body is always embellished with outlandish dresses and her appearance is always completed with a tyrolean hat. You never concede the beauty of yours. You’re one of those ladies with great honor in possession while I am just an impoverished peasant who dreams high. What did I do to have you as my lover? – Ahmad Rasyid Alfarabi –


this is my story…what’s yours? by Graciella Cristian

This is a continuation of a story of A Drink of Water by Samuel Selvon which is a part of writing assignment in English class. The story should tell what happened in Manko’s life until the rain clouds appeared.

Manko called for his wife, the only answer was the sound of coughs coming from the modest bedroom they shared. He sat next to his wife, who was lying helplessly on the bed. Rannie caught a fever just a few days ago and her condition had only grown worse ever since. She slowly opened her eyes and coughed even louder.

“Rannie, you go sick, need to drink many water and get healthy. Here,” Manko said, as he took the cup of boiled water to his wife’s dry, chapped lips. She pushed herself up, took small sips then gently pushed away the cup.

“We need save water, for you and Sunny,” she replied with a throaty voice. Leaving his wife to rest again, he walked outside for a smoke under the mango tree, hiding from the unforgiving sunlight.

Manko was not one for giving up, he would always try to overcome any hardships that came down his path. But this, was out of his control. There is nothing I can do about this, he said to himself, sighing silently. The scorching sun held its position high up in the sky, forming endless beads of sweat on Manko’s forehead. He had grown more desperate as time passed, and even came close to using the savings for Sunny’s college to buy gallons of fresh water available in the distant city.

Sunny, a firm believer of the rain god, seeked the Parjanya to end the drought through prayers. On the fifth day of every week, Sunny worships Parjanya by presenting offerings; flower and grains. Eventhough the rain was absent, he never lost hope. Sunny would still prepare himself for college, flipping the pages of his worn out books until the words were ingrained on his brain.

Manko, on the other hand, was more superstitious than his son. He, as a child, heard legends about how Parjanya would occasionally come down to the Earth and grant mans’ wishes in the Twin Mountains. Stories about the god’s cruelty to those who dishonor him was also very famous. Young Manko had dreamt about one day visiting the mountain to meet the Great God himself.

Days have passed, without a single dark cloud in sight. The drought had not left the village of Las Lomas. On the bright side, Rannie had gotten much better, although she still needed plenty of rest to start working again. Manko was a bit relieved, but the worst had yet to pass.

Suddenly an idea came to mind, Manko saw the opportunity to travel to the mountains to seek Parjanya’s help. His wife was halfway to healing completely, she could manage herself from now, he thought. Manko voiced his idea to Rannie the night before. At first, Rannie seemed unsure of the quest, however, her husband was a stubborn man and would go whether she approved or not.

Manko departed early at dawn without saying goodbye, he carried all the supplies he needed to spend the night on the road. He arrived just before the sun sets off, calling out the moon in its absence.

He entered the sacred caves of the mountain and wished for the rain to come. He started yelling angrily when no response came. He cursed at the god, throwing rocks at the statue representing Parjanya, splitting it into half. Suddenly, Manko collapsed, his eyelids shutting down immediately.

Next thing he knew, he woke up in front of his own house, lying on the dirt and it was raining heavily. He was quite dumbfounded, also amazed at the same time.

“NOOO!” Manko heard the scream followed by muffled sobs of a boy. Manko dashed inside to find out what had possibly gone wrong. Manko demanded answers from his crying son, who sat beside his mother.

Manko saw his wife, lying still.

Rannie, his wife, had died.

this is my story by Moira Setiawan


“Mandy, be a good girl and stay still okay? How about you take a nap with mommy?”

I painfully watched my dear daughter sunk himself in his mother’s embrace. I know closing her eyes was a hard task in itself. I mean, how could you not take a peek once or twice every minute if the train was full of sobs and wailing? But still, she has always been an obedient girl, and she finally went to a light slumber. Little did she know it was going to be her last, peaceful one.

I put one arm around Claire’s shoulder and wrapped her tightly, feeling her warmth for the very last time.

“I’m sorry it came to this, Claire.”

She looked at me with those clear blue eyes I came to love, and put her head to my chest.

“Stop. It isn’t your fault, we all know it’s those damned Nazis, and how luck would have it, it got us here.”

Next stop, Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp.

“…I guess this is our stop.”

“Dear… promise me you’ll make sure she never leaves your side.”

I can see her eyes well up with tears, and hear her voice breaking. I can’t imagine how she must’ve felt, separated from her one and only child.

“Yeah, I pro—“ Read the rest of this entry

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